Learning Spaces

Let's share your ideas for desktop learning spaces. In free-flow wiki style, I'm not going to put any restrictions on the organization of this wiki. Rather than simply thinking about your project, consider how it might fit into the larger idea of desktop learning spaces.

You have two options for this assignment:
  1. Read about Course Management Systems. Then, create your own project.
  2. Read about Desktop Learning Spaces. Then explore some PowerPoint Sidekicks for lots more ideas and create your own.

Each year we add more Online Workshop, WebQuests, and PowerPoint Sidekicks. Check out the graduate class projects for 2008, 2007, 2006. If you're not taking a course, but would like to add your own , use the Open Area page.

Summer 2013

Add your Online Workshop, WebQuest or PowerPoint Sidekick to the list below:

These projects were developed as part of a graduate course for teachers and librarians to use with their students. For more information, contact Annette Lamb.