For some reason, this "stress-free" assignment caused me all kinds of trouble! I wanted to create a template for 5/6 graders doing a biography report, but also wanted to add sound or links. Everytime I thought all was well, of course something didn't work!
When students come to the media center to do a biography report on a famous scientist in science class or a famous musician for general music class, I always hope they can add a new dimension to the same old standard basic facts. We have a great music teacher and I've been working with her to develop a small biography project...we're including sound in their PPT presentation, as well as some information other than the basic facts of the musician's life, such as world affairs at the time of the composing, etc. Hopefully it will put the life in perspective and show the students a bit more than simply rewriting the facts from another biography.

I interspersed my project sample pages throughout the PPT templates and marked them as SAMPLE pages.
Though middle schoolers don't need quite as much PPT guidance as elementary, I saw the usefulness of the PPT template in
getting them started on the right track.

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