Biographies are always something I have been fascinated in and as a student I remember my peers being fascinated in them as well. For this Fiesta, I created a template that could be used with a 5th or 6th grade class when teaching students about famous people.

The project requires them to design a PowerPoint presentation on three famous people. The template is a simple one, not require the students to put in much other than graphics or links. However, many fifth and sixth graders that I know can do many things with PowerPoint and this is not beyond their scope of comprehension. The instructions are detailed and outline where the students are to put their source information as well as their photographs. This will also give the children a good continuation of basic research skills in locating information.

The lesson could be adapted into many different facets of biography: actors, actresses, singers, dancers, auto racers, sports figures, comics, artists, teachers, philosphers, presidents, and any other idea the teacher might come with. For my first presentation, I chose artists. For the second, I chose famous Hoosiers.

Here is the original template:

Biography Template.ppt

Here is the Famous Artists presentation:


Here is the Famous Hoosiers presentation:


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