I struggled to come up with an idea for this project, but a recent faculty meeting gave me just the inspiration I needed. At my school, students do what we call a picture study where they spend a short amount of time studying a painting and then describe and discuss what they saw. Being a small private school with very limited resources, we do not have individual copies of all of the art work our students study. At the meeting, we were discussing the need for an inexpensive way to get individual copies of the art work. That is when I thought of the idea to use the desktop space for an electronic picture study. We do the same with composers (but instead of looking, we listen). The following two studies are done by our fifth graders. I hope you enjoy them.


A Picture Study - Vermeer

A Composer Study - Beethoven I am uncertain if the audio portion will work properly in this link. Just in case I added an alternative link.
A Composer Study - Beethoven v2 I did check this and it worked, but it took some time to download.